Best Treadmill buying guide for 2023

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Gym Equipment, Gym equipment shopping tips


Best Treadmill buying guide for 2023

Choosing the right treadmill for home use can assist in achieving your fitness goals even faster. Whether your fitness goal is to increase your daily steps, training for a marathon or losing weight and keeping fit, Express Fitness can assist you in finding the right treadmill for your running, jogging or walking needs.

Treadmill running Area:

To start, remember the general rule when it comes to running deck areas:

  • 127cm in length for walkers  (Horizon TR5 perfect for starting out)
  • 140cm in length for runners (T101 and Omega Z)
  • 152 cm in length for runners taller than 183cm (T202, 7.0AT and paragon X)

Choose between a folding treadmill and non-folding treadmill design:

If you have a designated training area as a home gym, then folding your gym equipment away when not in use, may not be a concern to you. But on the contrary, if you are planning to store your gym equipment in a room that has multiple uses, i.e a guest room and home gym, then a folding treadmill will assist with easily storing away when your guests come over.

Best foldable treadmill for 2023? 

All of the below Horizon and Sole fitness brands offer folding for your convenience. This feature makes it easy to fold your home treadmill as the hydraulics do most of the folding work for you. We recommend to continue reading to find the perfect treadmill for home use with all the right features that you would need.

  • Horizon TR5 for walking
  • Horizon T101 for jogging
  • Horizon T202 for running
  • Horizon 7.0AT for HIIT
  • Horizon Omega Z for HR training
  • Horizon 7.4AT for Streaming studio classes
  • Horizon Paragon X for Trial running
  • Sole Fitness F63 Award-winning
  • Sole Fitness F60 Best affordable

Treadmill Motor Horsepower:

You may have seen CHP or Peak HP mentioned whilst shopping for home treadmills to buy. It is most important to note that you should always look at continuous horsepower motor or CHP, as to not be mislead by peak or PHP horsepower. Peak horsepower gives an indication of the power at its peak performance, whilst the continuous horsepower is a true reflection of it’s power when the treadmill is in continuous use. It is also important to consider the quality of the motor. Johnson Health Tech, who manufactures the Horizon home treadmills, produce their own motors for their treadmills. They have won numerous awards and buying a treadmill that contains a Johnson motor is a nod to quality and longevity.

Treadmill cushioning:

We always recommend to test the treadmill if possible or look for a home treadmill that provides good cushioning that will support your treadmill running or walking. The ideal cushioning will support the various stages of your running stride, meaning the front part will be soft as your foot lands here, transitioning to the middle and neutral part and the hardest part to be the back part of the treadmill deck, as your foot pushes off to here.

Best Treadmill features:

Watching tv, Bluetooth and cool fitness apps might not be a necessity when training, but they can improve your workout experience and motivate you to train more.  So we have compiled below list of the most popular fitness apps that your new gym equipment should connect to:

  • Ifit
  • Kinomap
  • Zwift
  • At Zone

After-Sale Service:

As you seek out the best treadmill for home use, remember to consider the after-sales service. We receive numerous requests per day to fix treadmill brands that were bought from companies that don’t have  their own service team or don’t have the capacity to fix treadmills that were sold.

It’s one thing being fixated on selling 1000’s of treadmills a year, it’s another thing being able to maintain them for your customers. Luckily at Express Fitness we pride ourselves in after-sales service, as we would like to not only assist you in finding the right treadmill, but also to maintain your treadmill to increase the longevity for years to come.

Because spare part availability is also extremely important, we would recommend shopping from a retailer that stock spare parts  as well as provide a quality after-sales service.

Delivery and Assembly of your home treadmill:

Another important factor is delivery and assembly. Ask the supplier if they include delivery and and can assemble the treadmill for you, as this will save you time and ensure that the product is set up correctly for you to use.

Most Important thing when considering to buy a treadmill:

Test the product out, if you aren’t close to their showroom or can’t visit, consider a virtual tour of the showroom to ensure that you see and hear the treadmill in action.

Now that you have read the treadmill buying guide, you are probably thinking: Which home treadmill for sale should I buy?  So we have provided a quick breakdown of the treadmill for sale options HERE