Which home treadmill should I buy?

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Gym Equipment, Gym equipment shopping tips, News

Which home treadmill should I buy
The market is flooded with home treadmill options, which leaves you wondering, which home treadmill should you actually buy? We wrote below breakdown to assist in choosing the right treadmill for your needs.
Horizon Evolve 3.0 

The Horizon Evolve 3.0 offers an extra-wide running area along with variable response cushioning to support walks and light runs. The Evolve connects to Zwift, Kinomap and the Horizon exclusive At Zone fitness app. Via the @zone app, you will be able to run virtual running routes or complete a HIIT workout in 20 minutes

Ideal for:

Ideal for individuals who would like to begin their fitness journey, with limited space in their homes. The Evolve does not offer incline, but works with premium technology apps to provide an engaging workout. Perfect to get started and hit your daily step goals.

Looking for a treadmill with incline, then the next home treadmill option (Horizon TR5) is perfect for you.

Horizon TR5 

The Horizon TR5 home treadmill features incline , featherlight folding treadmill to easily fold away when not in use and an impressive 2CHP motor.  The TR5 offers a compact treadmill deck, along with Bluetooth connectivity speakers for entertainment.

Ideal for?

Ideal for individuals who would like to begin their fitness journey, whilst enjoying a handful of quality value added features such as the Atzone app, Zwift and Kinomaps. The Horizon TR5 is the best value for money option with incline.  If you are taller and looking for a home treadmill with a longer running area, then the next option (T101 running machine) is perfect for you.

Horizon T101

The Horizon T101 is perfect for one person who is looking to do moderate workouts. This home treadmill offers a comfortable running area along with Bluetooth speakers and a built-in fan to keep you cool.

Ideal for?

Whilst the T101 offers a longer running area than the TR5, it is not ideal for tall individuals, if you are tall and have a longer running stride, then we recommend the next option T202 for you.  The Horizon T101 is perfect if you train 3-4 times a week but not recommended to exceed 2 hours per day. Perfect if you are space conscious, as it easily folds via featherlight folding.

Sole F60 best affordable treadmill

Featuring value added features, the Sole F60 is the ultimate affordable  home treadmill. It is rare to find a treadmill of this calibre in this price class, but the Sole F60 offers it all; large running area, cushion flex suspension and a powerful motor, it remains unrivalled.

Ideal for:

Users looking for a quality treadmill to jog multiple times a week to increase fitness or achieve your PB 5 or 10km run. Looking for a treadmill that you and your partner can use? Then the Horizon T202-SE is for you.

Horizon T202-SE

The Horizon T202-SE provides a longer running surface than the T101, offering a comfortable run for taller users and supports a higher maximum user weight, the T202-SE has a sturdy frame along with speakers and Bluetooth FTMS to connect to popular fitness apps.

Ideal for:

This treadmill is ideal for home use and better suited for taller individuals compared to our previously mentioned treadmills above. Quality and long-lasting frame which is sturdy for everyday use. Suitable for light to moderate workouts. Looking for a sleek design treadmill for Heart Rate training? Then the next Omega Z treadmill is for you.

Horizon Omega Z

The Horizon Omega Z has a sleek design and contrasting design. This statement piece was deigned to support sprint workouts and features exclusive PulseTrain programming for heart rate training. The console uses vivid colours to guide you through your workout and lets you know whether you are on track or need to up the pace according to your heart rate. The Horizon Omega Z home treadmill also connects to popular fitness apps like Kinomap, Zwift and Horizon exclusive @Zone fitness app.

Ideal for:

Ideal for users looking for both a challenging and engaging workout (via Pulse Training) – with a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design for your home. Our personal input is that this design is absolutely beautiful and will work as a statement piece with your home décor.

Horizon 7.0AT for tough runs

The Horizon 7.0AT-24 offers everything you need for your treadmill running workouts, as it supports tough runs, connects to Zwift, Kinomap and @Zone fitness apps and has QuickDials for HIIT workouts.

Ideal for:

Ideal for individuals who are powerful and avid runners, plus enjoy tough workouts. Or if you are looking to burn fat and increase fitness via treadmill running, the @zone app is pre-programmed with Sprint 8 HIIT workouts, proven to burn up to 27% body fat over an 8-week period. The best part, a Sprint 8 workout only takes 20 minutes! Best fat burning treadmill right here.

Horizon 7.4AT-03:

The Horizon 7.4AT-03 home treadmill offers an extra wide running area, along with a powerful motor. This home treadmill also connects to Zwift, Kinomap and @Zone fitness apps, providing virtual running routes, Sprint 8 and access to stream fitness classes.

Ideal for: 

Users who enjoy streaming workout classes, especially HIIT workouts or anyone performing tough training sessions and looking for a quality treadmill to support their needs. The Horizon 7.4AT-03 is designed to keep pace with dynamic treadmill workouts and offers quick response to changes in speed and incline – ideal for HIIT workouts and bringing the studio to your home. So click to view more, purchase and pump the music to enjoy your first treadmill class at home.

Horizon Paragon X: 

The Horizon Paragon X treadmill has Sprint 8 pre-programmed on the console, along with exclusive AirTrain technology that mimics trail running through various terrains. This feature adjusts the firmness of the belt to resemble grass, dirt, gravel or stone. The Paragon X offers a durable, quality product that supports up to 180kg max user weight and tough runs at home.

Ideal for: 

Trial runners looking for an at home equivalent to outdoor trail running, avid runners looking for a responsive and realistic run to the natural outdoor environment or a household looking for a strong treadmill that offers longevity and quality. This treadmill is the best option that offers an incredible maximum user weight

Express Wooden Curved Treadmill: 

Saving the best for last, the Curved treadmill is perfect if you are looking for a unique at home workout that consists of short bursts of running to increase fat burn. With a curved design, it’s perfect for HIIT training and you can combine a set of dumbbells or other weights to incorporate your strength exercises.