Service Plan

The Service Plan includes:


  • An annual service on or about the anniversary date of the Customer’s purchase of the Equipment, as per the invoice date, via a Seller-approved and appointed service provider. A “service year” shall mean a period of one (1) year from the invoice date for the purchase of the Equipment to the anniversary of that invoice date. The annual service specifically excludes travel time and travel costs that will in all cases be quoted separately.


  • A maximum of two (2) call-outs per year for the first three (3) service years, for ad hoc, urgent or extraordinary service requirements, with one (1) call-out being deemed to be a site visit to inspect and assess the condition of the Equipment and the required repairs.


  • Service call-outs shall not be accumulated or carried-over year-on-year if not required or utilised during the service year in question.


  • Any additional call-outs will be subject to the Seller’s call-out fees as adjusted from time to time, plus travel time and costs at the prevailing AA rates. Workmanship / labour and wear and tear parts will be covered by the Seller at no cost to the Customer, provided that the Equipment has been looked after and used as per manufacturer’s specifications and the Seller’s instructions as to use.


Equipment Categories:



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