The Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Gym Equipment

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Maintaining a commercial gym isn’t just about keeping it visually appealing. It’s about ensuring a safe, inviting environment for your clients — and a critical part of this practice is keeping your gym as clean as a whistle for all your clients. 

Unfortunately, keeping your gym clean can be challenging due to the vast space and multitude of equipment. Also, with clients coming in and out of your facility, you may not know where and when to start your spring cleaning operation.

Don’t worry! At Express Fitness, we have crafted a commercial gym cleaning checklist. We will guide you through every essential step, ensuring your gym remains impeccably clean and hygienic each day.

Phase One: Daily Cleaning

As a fitness professional, you may have advised your clients to start their long fitness journeys by taking small daily steps. The same approach applies to cleaning your commercial gym. To get started, chip away at these simple but critical daily tasks. 

Equipment Wipe-Down

Begin each day by meticulously wiping down all your commercial gym equipment. Disinfectant wipes are your best friend here. Pay close attention to handles, buttons, and all touchpoints. 

Regular disinfection ensures that germs don’t stand a chance. Most importantly, they keep foul odours at bay and keep clients coming back to crush their fitness goals. 

Floor Care

A clean floor is the foundation of a clean gym. You should vacuum or mop the gym floor daily to eliminate dust and debris. 

For high-traffic areas, consider an even more frequent cleaning schedule. A spotless floor looks good and prevents accidents (like potential liability lawsuits).

With clean floors, your gym will stay in pristine condition longer, becoming an inviting environment for all your clients. 

Locker Room and Restroom Maintenance

Believe it or not, the workout areas are not the only places that need disinfection. You need to make sure you clean the locker room and restroom. 

These areas are breeding grounds for bacteria due to all the moisture that accumulates. To clean these parts of your commercial gym, disinfect them daily by mopping the floors and wiping surfaces with disinfectant wipes. 

Besides cleaning the locker rooms and restrooms, also ensure that some amenities are available. You can stock your locker rooms and restrooms with disinfectant, toilet paper, and paper towels. 

Locker room and restroom maintenance goes a long way in creating an inviting and comfortable gym experience for clients — and it’s a box on our complete commercial gym cleaning checklist that’s easy to tick. 

Phase Two: Weekly Deep Cleaning

Once you’ve dialled in your daily cleaning tasks, it’s time to do a weekly deep clean of your gym. Weekly deep cleaning will require scheduling, so we suggest that you inform your clients in advance. 

Here are the weekly tasks that need to be on your gym cleaning agenda. 

Equipment Maintenance

Regularly inspect gym equipment for signs of wear and tear. Lubricate moving parts and tighten loose bolts. Properly maintained equipment will function smoothly and minimise the risk of accidents, ensuring your clients’ safety. Maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your commercial gym and its equipment. 

Floor Waxing

Are your floors starting to lose their lustre? Consider waxing the floor weekly, depending on the type of flooring. Waxing helps your floors maintain a polished appearance, and it facilitates easier cleaning. 

A well-maintained floor looks good and extends the life of your flooring, saving you money in the long run.

Air Vent Cleaning

Air quality matters. Dust and clean air vents to improve ventilation and air circulation. Clean vents not only create a healthier gym environment but also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, leading to energy savings.


Phase Three: Monthly Intensive Cleaning

Your clients’ fitness milestones aren’t the only things that show up after a month. More severe sanitation issues can rear their ugly heads after 30 days. Tackle these issues head-on with these cleaning tasks. 

Deep Equipment Cleaning

Now is the time to go the extra mile. Disassemble and clean gym equipment meticulously. From treadmill belts to weight machine pulleys, every part needs attention. Following manufacturer guidelines ensures equipment longevity and maintains safety standards.

Window and Mirror Cleaning

Cleaning your windows and mirrors can help maximise the lighting in your commercial gym. Also, with more natural light entering your gym, you can save more on your monthly lighting bills. 

Clean mirrors can help clients monitor their forms when performing exercises. By keeping your mirrors smudge-free, you’re showing your commitment to helping clients perform exercises safely. 

Inspect Safety Equipment

Safety is paramount. Regularly check fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency exits. Ensure that everything is in optimal working condition and replace any expired or damaged items promptly. Safety equipment is non-negotiable in gym maintenance.

Final Phase: Annual Maintenance

The daily, weekly, and monthly clean-ups will ensure that no issues await you after a year. However, we recommend two tasks that need to be on your yearly gym maintenance list. 



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