How to Set Up a Home Gym on a Budget: Using Sale Items from Express Fitness Urban

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Gym Equipment, Gym equipment shopping tips, News, Tips

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Setting up a home gym can be a cost-effective way to stay fit and healthy, especially when you take advantage of sales and discounts. Express Fitness Urban offers a variety of sale items that allow you to have a Home Gym on a Budget. Here’s how you can set up your home gym using affordable equipment options from Express Fitness Urban’s current sale.


1. Assess Your Space and Fitness Goals

Before diving into purchases, assess the available space in your home and define your fitness goals. Determine whether you have a dedicated room, a corner in your living area, or a space in your garage that can accommodate your equipment. Knowing your space constraints will help you choose the right-sized equipment. Additionally, clarify your fitness objectives—whether it’s cardio, strength training, or a combination—so you can select the most suitable equipment.


2. Budget-Friendly Equipment Options from Express Fitness Urban Sale

Magene MG70 Spin Bike

A spin bike is excellent for cardiovascular workouts and improving leg strength. The Magene MG70 Spin Bike, available on sale at Express Fitness Urban, features adjustable resistance levels and a comfortable seat, making it ideal for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.


ISO Wide Chest Press

For upper body strength training, consider the ISO Wide Chest Press machine from Express Fitness Urban’s sale. This machine targets chest muscles effectively and includes adjustable weight settings to suit different fitness levels.


Krank Cycle

The Krank Cycle provides an alternative upper body workout, focusing on arms, shoulders, and core muscles. This versatile piece of equipment is perfect for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts and rehabilitation exercises. Check out the Krank Cycle available on sale at Express Fitness Urban for a unique addition to your home gym.


Recumbent or Upright Bike

If you prefer a more traditional cycling experience, consider a recumbent or upright bike from Express Fitness Urban’s sale. These bikes offer cardiovascular benefits and are suitable for users of all fitness levels. Look for features such as adjustable resistance, comfortable seating, and built-in workout programs.


Torus 5 Multi Gym

For comprehensive strength training at home, the Torus 5 Multi Gym is an excellent investment. This all-in-one machine targets multiple muscle groups with various exercise stations, including chest press, lat pulldown, leg extension, and more. Explore the Torus 5 Multi Gym on sale at Express Fitness Urban to create a full-body workout routine without needing multiple machines.


Cybo Run Treadmill

A treadmill is a staple for any home gym, offering versatile cardio workouts regardless of weather conditions. The Cybo Run Treadmill from Express Fitness Urban’s sale features different speed settings, incline options, and preset workout programs to cater to your fitness needs.


3. Tips for Smart Shopping

  • Embrace Your Inner CFO: Determine your budget before shopping and stick to it like a fitness-focused financial guru. Think of it as investing in your health with a smile on your face!


  • Gear Up with Purpose: Prioritize essentials that align with your fitness goals and will make you jump out of bed in the morning, ready to crush your workout.


  • Warranty? Check. Return Policy? Double Check!: Ensure that the equipment comes with a warranty (fingers crossed you won’t need it!) and check the return policies just in case your new gear doesn’t fit your vibe.


  • Size Matters: Choose equipment that fits comfortably in your designated workout area, because nobody likes feeling cramped in their own fitness sanctuary.



4. Creating Your Home Gym Space

Once you’ve selected your equipment from Express Fitness Urban’s sale, arrange it in a way that maximizes your workout space. Consider adding storage solutions such as racks or shelves to keep your gym tidy and organized. Create a motivating environment with adequate lighting and ventilation to enhance your workout experience.


5. Incorporating Variety and Progression

To keep your workouts engaging and effective, vary your routines using the different equipment you’ve purchased. Incorporate cardiovascular exercises with strength training and flexibility workouts to achieve a balanced fitness regimen. As you progress, adjust the intensity and duration of your workouts to challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals.


Setting up a budget-friendly home gym with sale items from Express Fitness Urban is a practical way to invest in your health and fitness. By choosing versatile equipment that meets your needs and fits your budget, you can create a convenient and effective workout space at home. Enjoy the convenience of exercising on your schedule without the hassle of gym memberships. With dedication and consistency, your home gym will become a valuable asset in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals.



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