How to spot a genuine TRX® from a counterfeit

by | Jun 11, 2021 | News

Person using TRX

The South African market has lately seen quite a lot of fake and non-standard products bearing TRX® logo. The problem is that these products are very good imitations, with the majority of them having been made in China, and can easily pass as authentic. But they are still imitations and do not carry the same safety and quality standards of the real McCoy, thus they can be very dangerous.

Why Spotting Genuine TRX® is Important

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand why it is essential to identify genuine TRX® products. Counterfeit products may not meet quality standards and could pose a potential risk to your safety during workouts. These imitations lack the durability, functionality, and engineering precision of authentic TRX products. Using counterfeit products may compromise your workout experience and even lead to injury.

TRX counterfeits can be dangerous

The number of injury reports related to the use of counterfeits is really high. If the straps breaks during an intensive workout, the subsequent injury might be quite serious. From the image above you can see the TRX suspension trainer can be used for many different exercises which may cause injury if the straps snapped.

The problem is not only that these fake products are of inferior quality, but that they do not come with the guarantee and warranty that the original TRX has. This means that if you or your client gets injured using a counterfeit product – there is not much that can be done.

TRX Counterfeits vs. TRX Originals


“‘When a price is too good to be true it usually is”

E-shops, Gumtree, Olx and other fitness equipment suppliers frequently advertise fake products by using the original TRX product images to attract customers. Logically, such websites frequently promote their goods as ‘CHEAP TRX’ and they often fail to have information in their ‘About Us’ section which only proves their untrustworthiness.

Typically authentic TRXs are retailed across the the world for – that means if you are paying less than R2500 for a TRX in South Africa good chances are that it is either fake or old outdated stock.


What Does a Fake TRX Look Like?

1. TRX Home Kit: Broken Fake Carabiners

Counterfeit TRX Home Kit carabiners may be visibly damaged or broken. This is a clear indication that the product is not genuine.

2. TRX FORCE Kit: Unreliable Carabiner

Fake TRX FORCE Kit carabiners may have design flaws that make them impossible to lock properly when bent. They are also prone to breaking, which compromises their safety and functionality.

3. Poor Quality Strap Finishings and Inconsistent Stitching

Fake TRX products often exhibit poor-quality strap finishings, such as uneven edges and gaps of different sizes between stitching lines. This is a telltale sign of a counterfeit product.

4. Lack of Stitching Along the Main Carabiner

Another red flag is the absence of stitching along the main carabiner. Genuine TRX products always have carefully and securely stitched straps, while counterfeit versions may have rubber badges placed at various distances instead.

5. Broken and Bent Carabiners on Counterfeit TRX

Counterfeit TRX products may feature broken and bent carabiners. These defects not only indicate a lack of quality but also pose a risk to the user’s safety during workouts.

6. Counterfeited TRX FORCE Kit with Poor-Quality Handles

In fake TRX FORCE Kits, the handles may be of low quality. They might feel soft and easily scratchable, even with minimal force like using nails or a ring. This is a clear sign of a counterfeit product.


How to Determine a FAKE From a REAL One

Here are simple instructions that will help you distinguish a safe TRX® ORIGINAL product from its counterfeit:

  1. Find the transparent small tag with a hologram on a strap under a rubber logo, it has a 13-digit code
  2. Go to the TRX website and click “My Locker” at the top right menu
  3. Create a profile by entering your details
  4. Once your account is created click “Yes, I have my Token Code”
  5. Enter the 13-digit code found on the tag into the box

It’s as easy as that to check whether your TRX is authentic. If your TRX code is accepted, then congrats you have an authentic product – if not, I’m sorry to say that it’s a fake and you should demand your money back!


Why Do People Buy TRX Replicas?

Quite simply because the price of the original TRX seems high. I mean, “Why should I get an original system if I can have an almost identical product for a third of the original price and no one can even tell the difference.”

Well, people will be able to tell the difference when the carabiner or strap snaps and they are sprawled across the floor with a broken nose or sprained wrist. The cheap and fake versions of TRX often see broken straps and carabiners or damaged handles. The reason for these incidents is poor quality materials that cannot carry the load capacity without breaking.


This article was adapted from CoreTrainingTips.com and Newitts.com