Urban Stretch Trainer


The Stretch Trainer is designed to provide a very effective and safe solution for warm-up and cool-down before and after a workout. A proper warm-up before training can activate muscles in advance and enter the training state faster. Not only that, but it can effectively prevent injuries during and after exercise.

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Key Features

Multi-Position Grip
Variety of Stretching
Superior Comfort
Stable Design

Benefits of Using a Stretch Trainer:

Improved Flexibility: Regular use helps increase flexibility and range of motion.

Reduced Risk of Injury: Enhances muscle elasticity, reducing the risk of strains and injuries.

Better Posture: Helps correct muscle imbalances and promotes better posture.

Enhanced Performance: Improves athletic performance by increasing flexibility and mobility.

Relaxation and Stress Relief: Stretching promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels.

Rehabilitation: Aids in rehabilitation by gently stretching muscles and improving circulation.

Increased Blood Flow: Enhances blood circulation, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Improved Balance and Coordination: Regular stretching can improve balance and coordination over time.


  • Multi-position Grip
    Multi-position grips allow exercisers to stretch corresponding muscle groups with different combinations of arm grip positions while controlling intensity and duration.
  • Variety of Stretching
    Support users to stretch lower back, upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and other muscle groups.
  • Stable and Comfortable
    The double-sided footrest allows the user to better stabilize the body, and the seat and calf pad provide stable support and ensure comfort during stretching.

Download Spec Sheet: Stretch Trainer

Express Fitness offers free delivery in specific areas, please check the delivery for your specific area.

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