Smith Machine


The Urban Smith Machine is popular among users as an innovative, stylish, and safe plate loaded machine. The vertical motion of the Smith bar provides a stable path to assist exercisers in achieving the correct squat. Multiple locking positions allow users to stop training by rotating the Smith bar at any point during process of the exercise, and a cushioned base on the bottom protects the machine from damage caused by a sudden drop of the load bar.

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Benefits of using Smith Machine
  • Safety
    One of the main advantages of a Smith machine is the safety it provides during weightlifting exercises. The barbell is secured within the vertical guides, reducing the risk of injury due to the barbell falling.
  • Guided Range of Motion
    The fixed vertical movement of the bar in a Smith machine can be beneficial for beginners or individuals recovering from injuries. The guided range of motion helps users maintain proper form during exercises like squats, bench presses, and overhead presses.
  • Isolation Exercises
    The Smith machine is suitable for isolation exercises, allowing users to target specific muscle groups without the need for a spotter. This is particularly useful for exercises like lunges, calf raises, and certain types of presses.
  • Versatility
    While the barbell is fixed on a vertical path, the Smith machine can still offer versatility in terms of exercises. Users can perform various compound and isolation movements, making it a versatile piece of equipment for a full-body workout.
  • Convenience and Solo Training
    The Smith machine allows users to perform weightlifting exercises without the need for a spotter. This can be convenient for solo training sessions, especially in home gyms where access to a workout partner may be limited.
  • Muscle Engagement
    The guided bar path in a Smith machine can help users focus on muscle engagement and contraction, as they don’t need to worry about stabilizing the barbell horizontally.
  • Variation in Workouts
    Users can incorporate a variety of exercises into their workout routines using the Smith machine, making it a versatile tool for those looking to add diversity to their training.
  • Gradual Progression
    The counterbalanced bar in a Smith machine allows for incremental increases in weight, making it suitable for those who are gradually progressing in their strength training journey.
  • Beginner-Friendly
    The guided movement and safety features make the Smith machine a good option for beginners who are learning proper form and technique in weightlifting.
  • Time Efficiency
    The Smith machine can be time efficient as it eliminates the need for constant barbell loading and unloading, allowing users to transition quickly between different exercises.
  • The Smith Bar System

Provides a low starting weight to simulate a more realistic weightlifting experience. The fixed track can help beginners to better stabilize the body and can stop and quit training at any time. For experienced exercisers, it can be combined with an Adjustable Bench to provide more and safer free weight training.

  • Open Design

The open design of the Smith Machine provides the exerciser with the feeling of free weights in terms of environmental guidance. The ample exercise space and wider field of vision enhance the experience and freedom of training.

  • Weight Storage Horns

Six weight storage horns provide ample storage space for weight plates, which offers a large range of options for different exercisers' training programs.

The most distinctive weave pattern in the Urban design is perfectly integrated with the newly upgraded all-metal body makes the Urban. The exquisite processing technology and mature cost control have created the cost-effective Urban Series.  Reliable biomechanical motion trajectories, outstanding product detail and optimized structure have made Urban Series a well-deserved flagship series.


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