Urban Multifunction Smith Machine


The EF Urban Functional Smith Machine features the most popular training types in one. The best strength training solution for limited space. It has pull up/chin up bars, spotter arms, j hooks for squat and barbell rest, an outstanding cable system and probably 100 other features. The stable and reliable smith system provides fixed rails to help exercisers get lower while stabilizing training positions starting weight. Support single or multi-person training at the same time.

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Key Features

Space Saving
Fixed Rails
Single or multi-Person Training
Multi-Feature Machine
Benefits of an Urban Multifunction Smith Machine

A multi-functional smith machine is a weight-training machine that combines a barbell with a Smith machine. It offers a variety of exercises and is designed to build strength, increase muscle mass, and develop muscular endurance. This machine is designed to work with Olympic-style weight plates and can be used for exercises such as squats, bench press, overhead press, curls, rows, and deadlifts. The Smith machine also includes safety features, such as an adjustable barbell height and a spotter platform, to help prevent injuries. Many multi-functional Smith machines also come with extra features, such as pulleys, cable attachments, and adjustable benches.

There are several reasons why someone may choose to own or buy a multifunctional Smith machine:

  • Versatility
    A multifunctional Smith machine allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, targeting various muscle groups. It typically comes with adjustable weight racks, bar catches, and attachments for different exercises such as bench presses, squats, shoulder presses, and more. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple equipment and saves space in your home or gym.
  • Safety
    The Smith machine features a guided barbell system on vertical rails that helps you maintain proper form and balance during exercises. This reduces the risk of injury, especially for beginners or individuals who may lack a spotter while working out.
  • Convenience
    Having a multifunctional Smith machine at home eliminates the need for a gym membership or travelling to a fitness facility. This convenience allows you to exercise whenever you want, without time constraints or having to wait for equipment to be available.

Enjoy a wide variety of strength exercises on the sturdy Express Multi Function machine. Main Functions include: Butterfly/Standing pull down, Seat pull down, Chrome Bar Turn left and right and Push up/ Parallel & Single Bars, Low pull, Push-up/ Biceps/ Triceps/ Sit up/ Flat/ Incline/Decline bench press. Add the multi function machine to your gym to complete your strength area and focus on building muscle and increasing power.  This all-in-one strength machine has multiple accessories to allow you to perform a greater variety of exercises.


  • 2.2m Olympic Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Straight stick Bar
  • 2 x Safety Support bars (left & right)
  • Short Straight Bar
  • 2 x Dip attachments (left & right)
  • 2 x J-cups (left and right)
  • Landmine attachment
  • Tricep Rope
  • 2 x Chains
  • 2 x D-Handles
  • 2 x Spring Collars
  • Foam padded foot lock
  • Footrest
  • T-Bar Row Handle

Dimensions: L x W x H 1750 x 2100 x 2320 mm


  • Powerful Functionality
    The Urban Multifunction Smith Machine focused on powerful functionality, which is an outstanding comprehensive strength training device that allows for a full body workout. Both beginners and experienced trainers can have a great training experience on this device.
  • The Smith Bar System
    Provides a low starting weight to simulate a more realistic weightlifting experience. The fixed track can help beginners to better stabilize the body and can stop and quit training at any time. For experienced exercisers, it can be combined with an Adjustable Bench to provide more and safer free weight training.
  • Small but Complete
    It is specially designed for training environments with limited space to ensure the maximum retention of popular strength training types, and they are reasonably integrated into one equipment, which is an ideal equipment choice for small spaces.

Download spec sheet: Urban Multifunction Smith Machine


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