Urban 3-in-1 Pro Duty Soft Plyometric Box


A plyometric box, also known as a plyo box or jump box, is a versatile piece of equipment commonly used in plyometric training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and functional fitness workouts. It is a sturdy and stable platform that allows for explosive movements, such as box jumps, step-ups, and box squats.

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Key Features

High-Density Foam Construction
Easy to Use
Benefits of using Plyometric Boxes
  • Power and explosive strength
    Plyometric exercises performed on a plyo box require explosive power to jump onto and off of the box. This helps to develop power and improve explosive strength.
  • Lower body strength and muscle development
    Plyometric box exercises primarily target the lower body muscles, including the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Regular use can help build strength and muscle mass in these areas.
  • Cardiovascular endurance
    Plyometric exercises performed on a plyo box often involve rapid and repetitive movements, which can elevate the heart rate and enhance cardiovascular endurance.
  • Improved agility and coordination
    Plyometric box exercises require good coordination and control. Regular practice can help improve agility and overall body coordination.
  • Versatility
    Plyometric boxes come in different sizes and heights, allowing for various exercises and difficulty levels. This versatility makes them suitable for athletes of different fitness levels and offers room for progression.
  • Compact and portable
    Plyo boxes are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport. They can be used in a home gym, a commercial gym, or even outdoors.

It’s important to choose a box height that is appropriate for your fitness level and gradually increase the intensity as you progress. It is also crucial to practice proper form and technique to ensure safety and prevent injury.

The 3-in-1 Pro Duty Soft Plyometric Box represents a pinnacle in plyometric training equipment, combining versatility, durability, and safety to elevate your workouts to new heights. Crafted from high-density foam and wrapped in durable vinyl upholstery, this plyo box is built to withstand the rigors of intense plyometric exercises while providing a safe and comfortable landing surface.

The soft construction of the plyometric box minimizes the risk of injury during explosive movements, providing a forgiving landing surface that reduces impact on joints and muscles. This makes it ideal for high-intensity plyometric exercises such as box jumps, depth jumps, and lateral jumps, helping athletes improve power, speed, and agility while minimizing the risk of overuse injuries.

In addition to its versatility and safety features, the 3-in-1 Pro Duty Soft Plyometric Box is also incredibly space-efficient. Its compact design allows for easy storage in home gyms, fitness studios, or commercial training facilities, making it a practical choice for anyone looking to maximize their training space without sacrificing functionality.

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