Reebok Cast iron Kettlebell

Reebok Cast iron Kettlebell

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An effective means of improving strength gains, full-body conditioning, agility and balance, the Cast Iron Kettlebells from the Reebok Functional range are ideal for progressive functional training and increasing body strength.

Cast iron kettlebells with a wide handle allow for a more comfortable grip for both one and two handed exercises, such as the one-hand snatch or kettlebell swing.                                                                                    

The high-quality Reebok Functional Kettlebell offers a great feel, is solid to hold and looks the part when lined up on the kettlebell rack. Plus, the flat base of the kettlebell provides stability and prevents roll when you’re in between exercises. With ample space between the top of the ball and the handle, the Reebok Kettlebell can be well-controlled for aerobic and anaerobic movements.

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