Reebok Ab Wedge Mat

Reebok Ab Wedge Mat

R 330.08 ZAR


Ideal for those looking to add core-specific strengthening to their functional training regime, the Reebok Ab Wedge Mat effectively isolates the abs for the perfect crunch. The raised ‘wedge’ shape surface means the user must apply greater force to propel their crunch move forward for a full range of motion through the abdominal muscle group.

This premium functional training equipment noticeably relieves any lower back tension and pressure during sit-up exercises, as it is designed to support the natural curvature of the spine. The Reebok mat’s flat, non-slip base keeps it in place throughout movement, and the high-density foam construction keeps it firm for prolonged use.

Suitable for everyone, every size and shape, the Reebok Ab Wedge Mat is a compact, portable workout tool that can be taken anywhere.


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