Matrix Elliptical E30XR

Matrix Elliptical E30XR

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The E30 home elliptical trainer is designed with a small compact frame for a better fit into your home.

The E30 Elliptical is designed with suspension technology, ensuring smooth and quiet operation. Due to the wheel and track-free design, there is also less wear and tear, maximising the longevity of the elliptical.

Exact Force Induction Brake assures smooth and precise resistance changes, along with no moving parts, the home elliptical operates quietly as well.

XR Console

There are two consoles available for the E30 Home Elliptical  Range:

The XIR console – the ultimate in entertainment, it’s our finest home console and includes a stunning HD display. The console is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, and has access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a web browser.

Then there is the XR Console, which features a clean, bright display that makes it easy for you to check your workout data at a glance, keeping you on track to reach and surpass your goals. 

The E30 XR Home Elliptical comes standard with an XR console which has 5 workout programs and is passport ready.

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