Wattbike Trainer


The Wattbike Trainer is an Indoor Bike with a difference. It takes 100 measurements with each revolution of the pedals and gives you data on 40 different aspects of your Cycling.

The Wattbike Trainer is for burning calories, building stamina, and getting a brilliant cardio workout, whatever the weather. If you want to get serious about cycling, you can use the bike’s integrated technology to improve your technique, push yourself harder, and track your progress.

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Key Features

Bluetooth Monitor
Combination Pedals
Adjustable Resistance
Interval Training

The Wattbike Trainer is for cycling devotees who want to get better, and quicker. It is also for fitness fans who are looking for a champion workout session, and anyone else keen to get fitter and stronger.

The spin on WattBike

WattBike’s Polar Cadence feature is what sets the Wattbike Trainer apart from the many trainers collecting dust in our closets. With a 100-time-per-second sampling rate and a power meter built into the bike, the WattBike gives highly accurate cadence and power data confirmed by several peer-reviewed studies of the WattBike’s accuracy. This allows the WattBike to display a real-time spin scan including left-right balance, angle of peak force, and even a graphic representation of your pedaling technique.

To brake or not to brake

WattBike put a lot of research and time into creating a realistic “road” feel. Certainly, the large integrated flywheel made the Wattbike Trainer feel better than most trainers The WattBike uses a dual braking system — both wind resistance and magnetic resistance. The combination allows for high cadence/low power on one end and low cadence/high power on the other. WattBike's “air brake” is similar to changing gears while the magnetic system emulates climbing.

WattBike is a feedback tool measuring precisely the power you are creating rather than the bike dictating the power. This is a better representation of what the rider is doing. WattBike focuses on improving technique. If you aren’t a smooth rider, the watts will fluctuate. This isn’t the case with an electronic brake.

Basic interval workouts can also be programmed and stored on the WattBike computer Many cyclists, especially sprinters and track riders, use trainers for high-cadence work at low wattage. At even the lowest resistance, to ride 130 RPM a rider would have to put out 360 watts. A track rider will often do cadence work upwards of 160 RPM, which would require riding above a prohibitive 500 watts. Low power cadence work is possible with the Trainer model.

Measuring up or just out for a ride

WattBike emphasizes competition and testing, offering a variety of time- and distance-based tests that you can upload to see how you compare against other WattBike users. It’s also possible to download and race against tests from WattBike elite athletes, race your own past workouts, or even hook two WattBikes together to race.

Data export and analysis

Where the WattBike appears to be second to none is in its wealth of data and analysis both during and post-workout. Over 40 variables are monitored from basic power, heart rate and cadence data, to efficiency, time-to-force peak, angle-of-force peak, and left-right leg balance.

Workouts can be downloaded to the PC-based Expert software for an in-depth analysis of both individual rides and a variety of trends over time. Currently, workouts stored on the WattBike computer can only be exported to WattBike’s proprietary format or to TrainingPeaks. However, the WattBike can transmit power, cadence, speed, and heart-rate data live to any ANT+ compatible phone or device such as a Garmin 510.

Simplicity encased

The WattBike’s clear advantage is its simplicity. The Trainer is factory-calibrated and WattBike never needs to be re-calibrated. Starting a workout is as easy as slipping on your shoes and pressing the “Just Ride” button. The WattBike allows you to quickly match your road bike position. The handlebar-mounted computer is well-placed and provides a wealth of features and the PC-based software, with a great graphical representation of your pedal stroke, is just a USB cable away.

Whether you want to look good for that big day, get in shape after a baby, or do your bit for a good cause, your goals - and our expert Personal Trainers will help you smash them.

The Commercial Cycle Watt bike is a power-based training machine that is unique to individuals’ fitness levels. It takes the guesswork out of training and generates stats that allow you to gauge your fitness levels. It records your speed, cadence, and your pedalling technique. Did you know that you can save an enormous amount of energy just by pedalling correctly?

A Wattbike Trainer gives you an actual fitness score that you can use to compare yourself to others and to pros. You can also track your progress throughout the year to see if you are getting fitter with the quick three-minute test.


  • Bluetooth Monitor
  • The Trainer has a simple performance monitor that gives you all the feedback you need for your workouts. Custom-build workouts, set interval programs or access performance tests to suit the required session.
  • Perfect for multiple users
  • Easy set-up with simple lock levers and no power mains required - so you can train whenever and wherever.
  • Choose your pedals
  • Toe cage or cleats, you've got the choice. The Trainer comes with combination pedals so you can train in trainers or cycling shoes.
  • Easy resistance adjustments
  • Adjust the resistance using the lever on the bike to increase or decrease the amount of air reaching the fan. You can also add more resistance by turning the magnet dial on the bike.
  • Easy to move
  • The Trainer has two subtle wheels at the front to make moving it easy.
  • Off-feet conditioning
  • Reduce the impact stress of running or on-feet training with indoor cycling. A tried and tested approach in elite sport, off-feet conditioning is designed to reduce training load and improve physical performance.
  • Interval training
  • Improve your physical fitness in less time with high-intensity interval training, and with reduced training volume with the Wattbike. The Bluetooth Monitor allows you to create your own interval sessions.
  • Recovery & Rehabilitation
  • Physios, rehab specialists, and top coaches are adopting cycling and the Wattbike as their tools of choice to aid recovery and rehabilitation programs. The Trainer allows you to have full control of the resistance so you do not overload your muscles.
  • Performance testing
  • Developed by experts, the scientifically validated in-built tests are trusted to baseline elite athletes and used by governing bodies, premiership sports teams, and the military. The Pro/Trainer is the testing and talent identification tool chosen by the pros.

What is Included:

  • 1 x Wattbike Trainer
  • 1 x Bluetooth Monitor/Screen
  • 1 x Saddle
  • 1 x Pair Cage Pedals
  • 1 x Pair Cleat Pedals
  • 1 x Set of Allen keys & Spanners
  • 1 x Quick Start Menu

Download Spec Sheet: Wattbike Trainer


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