Express 3D Smith Machine


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Perform a greater variety of strength exercises with the 3D smith machine.

The Express 3D Smith Machine is an evolution of the standard Smith Machine, as the bar holders can move in both a horizontal and vertical plane, utilizing heavy duty linear bearings. These allow for a greater range of motion and exceptionally smooth and fluid bar movement in all planes (up, down, forwards and backwards). You can also adjust the stoppers to perform weighted deadlifts whilst ensuring correct posture with the guidance of the rack.

The 3D Smith machine has increased functionality with added safety. The high performance, intuitive design, makes the Express 3D Smith Machine the ideal strength product for any home or commercial fitness facility and exerciser.

Perform weighted squat, dead lift, bench press, bicep curls and many other strength exercises on the Express 3D Smith Machine.

  • Dimensions: L x W x H 1685 x 2185 x 2430 mm
  • Product Code: FT-7057
  • Machine Weight: 406kg


Frame(excluding painting) and welding for 12 years
Cams/Guide Robs/weight Stacks: 3 years
Rotary Bearings/Pilleys: 3 years
Others: 1 year
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