Matrix Upright Bike U30 XR

Matrix Upright Bike U30 XR

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The U30 offers a brand new design and comes standard with an ultra-modern Dual Form Frame, adding to the stability of the cycle. The frame also offers a convenient step-trough design, allowing easy access on and off the upright cycle.

The U30 offers a Comfort Arc Seat, aiding to the overall comfort of the user during the training session, as well as Multi-Position Handle Bars that offer a variety of riding positions and is fully adjustable.

XR Console

There are two consoles available for the U30 Home Upright Bike Range:

The XIR console – the ultimate in entertainment, it’s our finest home console and includes a stunning HD display. The console is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, and has access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a web browser.

Then there is the XR Console, which features a clean, bright display that makes it easy for you to check your workout data at a glance, keeping you on track to reach and surpass your goals. 

The U30XR Home Upright comes standard with an XR console which has 5 workout programs and is passport ready.



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