Upright Bikes

Enjoy a cycle in the comfort of your own home with a quality upright Bike from Express Fitness.

We sell a range of quality home recumbent cycles that will suit everyone.

Our ranges start with The Citta range, which has a sleek black and rose gold upright with an optional fold-able desk - this range is perfect for catching up on emails or social media whilst working out. 

The Horizon  range can be used with a passport console to enable a virtual active cycle through forests, mountains and various other beautiful scenery.

This range is followed by the premium Matrix Home Upright Cycles that have two console options available.  One being a basic XR console. The second, an interactive XIR console that comes with social media apps as well as international destinations to cycle through.

Then there is the Vision range, semi-commercial, powerful upright bikes that are real work-horses.  

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