Home Ellipticals

Enjoy a workout in the comfort of your own home with a quality elliptical from Express Fitness.

We offer a range of quality home ellipticals that will suit everyone, from the beginner up to the elite athlete.

The Citta range has a sleek black and rose gold elliptical that is beautifully designed with a  unique shell pattern console that provides a simple exercise experience.

The Horizon Elliptical has a compact footprint and one-step folding that makes this home elliptical one of the best moves you can make to improve your fitness.

This range is followed by the premium Matrix Home ellipticals that have two console options available.  One being a basic XR console. The second, an interactive XIR console that comes with social media apps as well as international destinations to train through.

Then there is the Vision range, semi-commercial, powerful ellipticals that are real work-horses for the oh-so-serious trainer. 

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